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Remain in His voice, not the voice of others.

There is never a day that we should wake up and say, I am done working on myself.

How many have walked through some pretty emotional seasons? I definitely have.

There are things both small and tragic in my life that have hindered my walk with Jesus.

We always have work to do within. God is continuously growing us. I may have less hinderances that effect my walk but it is not without it’s distractions!

This year the biggest distraction is doubt. Doubt is very tricky. It takes on many forms and infiltrates the mind without warning. The only way to kill it is through prayer, presence of Jesus and praise in worship.

It’s not doubt of myself, but doubt that is unintentionally placed on me by a vessel of the enemy or doubt put intentionally on me because of the war within another.

I am responsible over my response to this treacherous seedling trying to sprout within the roots of my fruit tree.

Lately, I’ve become so distracted by these moments of doubt, I have literally become consumed with pain. My response to these unavoidable moments leading to doubt... internal praise. Invite Jesus into those moments. Response is humility. Dignity. Strength. Above all, confidence.

Remain in His voice and not the voice of others. This will impart truth and not doubt.

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