Lately the word "trigger" has been tossed around so much for just about everything, warranted or not. I cringe when I hear it. The other night I wrote at the top of my journal "Get RID of the word trigger!".

Every time it was said, my whole body became ill. Like a death sentence. "Pull the trigger!". I was becoming increasingly triggered by the actual word, "trigger".

This is a word I have used throughout my inner healing journey. I struggle with PTSD and this word is used most to describe when I end up vomiting, crying, or possibly rocking on the floor when something reminds me of a the trauma I experienced. This is a word I use when I walk through trauma and inner healing with others. We often post or say, "trigger warning" in the hopes of being respectful to those who have been through something so traumatic that our own story could cause them to spin out of control.

I want to encourage a new story.

The other day I sat with a friend and began to write a list of new words to use instead of trigger.