Weep with those who Weep

It always intrigues me when I begin to teach a class or write a new curriculum and I suddenly find myself walking through it.

Behind every inspiring teaching, there is a teacher that is on the journey with you.

The next three months as I dive into emotional wellness class. I find myself weeping. Sobbing. The term, "HOT mess" seems quite fitting. For days. Awkward and uncomfortable dialogue with the Lord.

For a person gifted with discernment, prophetic, and deeply rooted empathy... a time like this, is filled with every level of emotion. Weird ones. This is a strange time. A strange time calls for strange emotions. I have to ask, what is this about God? Crying out to God this last week, day and night. Angry. Broken.

We are made in His image, that includes the emotions we were given.