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Healthy Holiday Tips

1 Thessalonians 4:18 "Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give thanks for all things."

For many of us, the holiday's are a forced painful confrontation.

The season brings an emphasis on giving. So, why don't you take a moment out and give generously to yourself. Start by taking a short notice of your triggers, and set a boundary around that trigger that will keep you healthy.

With so much pressure to create holidays the most wonderful time of the year, people may find themselves feeling even more isolated. Give yourself permission to feel ok in the struggle.

During the holidays, find the focus. Let go of the monetary parts of the holiday season and start to gain access to the spirit of the holiday. Live in an authority of happiness.

I have provided three points of focus to a great holiday:

1) Rejoice ALWAYS. We all have the capacity to live a life filled with joy. When you are in joy, your whole body benefits. It changes your heart rate and effects your neurological state of mind. Joy decreases your stress levels drastically. Find things in your life that bring you joy (small or large). Remember every small victory in your life will add to the larger picture of joy. Find those in the holiday that bring you joy, surround yourself with them. Joy is a choice, your choice. By making conscious decisions to let joy in, reminding yourself of the victories, and spending time with the people you care about, you can create a joyful season.

2) Pray CONTINUALLY. Prayer and time alone with God will drastically reduce any stress in your life. Praying for others has shown to bring a greater peace of mind. It immediately lowers blood pressure and clears the thoughts, producing healthy and clear thought process. Prayer gives you a pathway to produce clear set boundaries, great choices, and gives you the strength to stand strong during stressful moments. Jesus set many examples of taking time out to pray. Prayer can be short and prayer can be long.

3) Give thanks in ALL THINGS. Gratitude is the healthiest medicinal mindset! Gratitude strengthens your relationship connections! Holy Spirit resides in all things you are grateful for, giving you the superpower of finding forgiveness in the holiday season. Gratitude is the pillar of health.

By taking the steps you need to successfully navigate triggers during the holidays, you become stronger for yourself and everyone around you.

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