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Emotions are movement

I have been deep in conversations with Jesus about emotions lately. We are made in His image and so, why do we apologize for our emotions? Perhaps it’s our response to them.

When emotions are partnered in Holy Spirit, there is no apology. I’ve been working through tears. Tears and the word compassion. I know the end of my story, so why do I cry so much?

Jesus wept.

The shortest and most enigmatic verse in the Bible. Why would Jesus weep for something he knew would soon be a joyful moment?

Compassion. For Martha and Mary. He saw them hurting. He experienced their pain. He was invested in them through a covenant relationship.

Have you ever been so invested in a movie that it brought you to a mess of tears?! How many times have you seen it and still cry every time?! You are so moved with compassion, despite knowing the ending!

Now imagine instead of a movie we are invested in a relationship. A friend, family member, or your spouse. Covenant. Wouldn’t you be moved with even greater compassion if you saw them hurting? Despite knowing that there is hope. There is joy in tribulations. There is life after death.

We are moved in Spirit with compassion from holy investment, even when we have been given insight to the end of the story.

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